Recent Photographs from Nicaragua at Poughkeepsie's Crafted Kup Coffee Shop / by Monica d. Church

Beginning on October 5, 2016, twenty-three of my recent photographs made in La Paz Centro, Nicaragua will be on display at Poughkeepsie's Crafted Kup Coffee Shop. The Crafted Kup is located at 44 Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The images are from a nascent body of work that began with a collaboration with the non-profit Artists for Soup. Artists for Soup is dedicated to supporting sustainable development in La Paz Centro, Nicaragua, a city of 30,000. The local women who work with this NGO generously opened their homes and shared their families with me. The Crafted Kup is open seven days a week, please stop in and view the photos and have a cuppa!